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Deadline dates for orders arriving before Christmas - 14 Working Day Lead Time: Fri 26th Nov. 5 Working Day Lead Time: Wed 8th Dec.
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Promotional Chocolates

Promotional chocolate is our specialty, we even manufacture some of it in our very own chocolate factory here in the UK. Because of this we can offer some of our chocolate products, like our Mini, Midi and Maxi Chocolate bars with a short lead time.

Bitepromotions milk chocolate neo - small chocolate square

Milk Chocolate Neapolitan

bite promotions - 9 neo choc boc.

Nine Neo Box

Bite Promotions - Bulk chocolate neo

Bulk Neapolitans

Bite Promotions Message Envelope Neo

Message Envelope

Bite Promotions - 25g small mini Milk Chocolate Bar

Mini Milk
Chocolate bar

Bite Promotions - 50g Midi Milk Chocolate bar

Midi Milk
Chocolate Bar

Bite Promotions 75g Maxi Milk Chocolate Bar.

Maxi Milk Chocolate Bar

Bite Promotions Midi Chocolate Bar box 50g

Midi Chocolate Bar Box

Bite Promotions Mini milk chocolate bar with winning ticket

Mini Bar with Winning Ticket

bite promotions - Midi Milk chocolate bar with winning ticket

Midi Bar with Winning Ticket

bite promotions Maxi chocolate bar with winning ticket.

Maxi Bar with Winning Ticket

Branded chocolate foil balls in a clear box

Chocolate Ball Clear Box

Branded Chocolate balls in a net bag

Chocolate Ball
Net Bag

Bulk Chocolate Balls

Bulk Chocolate Balls

Bite Promotions - branded Two roses chocolate box

Two Roses Chocolate Box

Bite Promotions Two Heroes Chocolate Box

Two Heroes Chocolate Box

Bite Promotions Two Celebrations Chocolate Box

Two Celebrations Chocolate Box

Bite Promotions Two Quality Street Chocolate Box

Two Quality Street Chocolate Box

Bite Promotions Four Roses Chocolate Box

Four Roses Chocolate Box

bite - Four Heroes Chocolate Box

Four Heroes Chocolate Box

bite - 4 celebrations choc box

Four Celebrations Chocolate Box

bite - 4 quality street choc box

Four Quality Street Chocolate Box

Promotional Celebrations Organza Bag

Organza Bag

quality street organza bag

Quality Street
Organza Bag

roses organza bag

Organza Bag

heroes organza bag

Organza Bag

lindt truffle organza bag

Lindt Truffle
Organza Bag

Promotional White Chocolate Golf Ball

White Chocolate Golf Ball

Promotional Chocolate Spanner


Branded Chocolate tennis racquet

Tennis Racquet

Branded Chocolate Star


Chocolate Football


Chocolate Rugby Ball

Rugby Ball

Chocolate Star Net Bag

Star Net

Promotional Clear Chocolate Star Cube

Star Cube

bite - bulk stars

Bulk Stars

Chocolate Coin Net Bag

Coin Net

bite - coin net

Bulk Coins

coin organza bag

Coin Organza Bag

star organza bag

Star Organza Bag

Promotional Valentine's Day chocolate heart lolly

Chocolate Heart Lollipop

bite - heart net

Heart Net

Chocolate Heart Clear Box Cube

Heart Cube

bite - 4 heart box

Four Heart Box

bite - 100g easter egg

100g Milk Chocolate Easter Egg - Large

bite - 30g easter egg

30g Milk Chocolate Easter Egg - Medium

bite - 18g easter egg

18g Milk Chocolate Easter Egg - Small

bunny chocolate, organza bag, mesh bag, gift,giveaway, rabbit

Bunny Bag

chocolate, easter egg, solid chocolate egg, organza bag, mesh bag

Egg Bag

bite - farmhouse eggs

Farmhouse Eggs

Speckled Egg Mini A Box Easter Branded

Mini 'A' Box

Speckled Egg Clear Branded Box Easter

Speckled Egg Box

bite - rabbit card

Rabbit Card

bite - 18g bulk egg

18g Bulk Egg

bite - 30g egg bulk

30g Bulk Egg

bite -100g bulk egg

100g Bulk Egg

Promotional Christmas Chocolate Santa lolly

Santa Lollipop


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