Promotional Christmas Gifts

Christmas simply wouldn't be complete without confectionery! Chocolates, cookies, candy cane's and sweets make classic gifts / giveways for the festive season.
We offer eye-catching, full colour print branding on all of our seasonal treats and use high quality card paper.

Chocolate Advent Calendars

Don't forget your advent calendars!


Chocolate Coin Net Bag

Coin Net

Christmas Santa Net Bag

Christmas Net

bite - christmas box

Christmas Box

Chocolate Chip Cookie Branded

Choc-Chip Cookie

Branded Mince Pie Box

Mince Pie

Santa Mini A box Branded Christmas Chocolates

Mini 'A' Box

Bite Promotions Four Roses Chocolate Box

Four Roses Chocolate Box

bite - shortbread biscuits

Shortbread Biscuits

Branded Mini Candy Cane Christmas Sweets

Mini Candy Cane

Branded Mini Candy Cane Christmas Sweets

Mini Candy Cane

biscuit box

Biscuit Box

christmas treat box

Treat Box

Promotional Christmas Chocolate Santa lolly

Santa Lollipop

Chrsitmas Promotional Chocolate Santa Organza Bag

Organza Bag

star organza bag

Star Organza Bag

coin organza bag

Coin Organza Bag

retro organza bag

Organza Bag

lindt truffle organza bag

Lindt Truffle
Organza Bag

Promotional Celebrations Organza Bag

Organza Bag

quality street organza bag

Quality Street
Organza Bag

roses organza bag

Organza Bag

heroes organza bag

Organza Bag


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