Promotional Branded Advent Calendars - Milk Chocolate

Chocolate Calendar - Traditional 'A4' Advent Calendar

Chocolate Calendar - Traditional 'A4' Advent Calendar

Chocolate Calendar - Traditional 'A4' Advent Calendar- foiled

Chocolate Calendar - Traditional 'A4' Advent Calendar - Foiled

Chocolate Calendar - Desktop

Chocolate Calendar - Desktop

Chocolate Calendar - 12 Day

Chocolate Calendar - 12 Day

Christmas 2023

Why choose a promotional advent calendar?
There’s nothing quite like the countdown to Christmas and the feeling of waking up each day and popping open another door on a chocolate advent calendar.
Our bespoke advent calendars will be seen every day by your customers for 12, 24 or 25 days and offer a fun memorable way to communicate with your audience over the festive period.

Who makes your chocolate advent calendars?
We do! Our calendars are printed and manufactured by us in our very own chocolate factory in the UK (South Wales). This gives us the advantage of being able to keep a close eye on the quality of our calendars and maintain the high standards that our customers have come to expect. It also means that we can often offer advent calendars on a short lead time if a fast turnaround is required*.
*Subject to availability of production time slots, extra charges may apply.

Free Stock Designs

Often the biggest thing delaying advent calendar orders is setting the large amount of artwork required for a large item such as this. Our festive free stock designs are available across the advent range and can be edited to coordinate with your clients brand identity.

Stock images

Added Extras

Inner Door Printing

Want a Corporate advent calendar with your logo behind every door? Or a personalised advent calendar with a different message behind every door?
We offer the option to print a message or image on the back of each calendar door by offering a doubled sided print option.

inner door print

Bespoke Advent Calendar Design

If you need custom artwork for your chocolate advent calendars and don’t have your own design team, we have an experienced design team who can help with all your requirements.
Just send your details/brief to '' and one of our team members will get back to you.

Advent Mailer Options

We can offer two different advent mailer options, one where we pack up your calendars in cardboard mailers ready for you to send out to your customers, or one where we supply the calendars and mailers separately so you can pack them yourselves (particularly handy if you want to include a business card or personalised letter).

Packed Desktop Calendar Mailer
Total weight: 135g
Large letter spec. upto 250g.

Packed Traditional Calendar Mailer
Total weight: 170g
Large letter spec. upto 250g.

advent calendars in mailers, advent calendars to post

Order step by step:

Step One: Firstly, pick one of our custom advent calendars you are interested in then, if you are an existing trade customer login to our online portal, Nibble, to get a quote. If you are new customer or would like a quote sent by email, give us a call on “01792 293 689” or send a message to ''.
If you would like any extras such as a fast turn around time/express delivery or delivery to multiple addresses, it’s a good idea to let us know at this point so we can be 100% sure that we can fulfil your branded advent calendar order before you place it.

Step Two: Download the correct artwork template for the chocolate advent calendar you require and read through our artwork guidelines, then setup your artwork on our template.
We offer an art working service for an extra fee, or a selection of free stock images if you would like assistance with artwork. We are also happy to give advice or talk though any issues or questions you may have.

Step Three: Place your order either by email or through Nibble, remember we will need a purchase order, your customised advent calendar artwork on our template, a delivery address and a supplied by address**.
We’d also need to be told of anything that may cause an issue when delivering your branded advent calendars, issues such as businesses with non-standard opening hours, deliveries that will need to be booked in or delivery locations that are in red zones.
** A supplied by address is a legal requirement, it is an address that will be printed on the product in the ‘legal information’ area of the template along with the ingredients, it gives the customer a point of contact should there be any issues.

Step Four: We will check your chocolate advent calendars artwork and send you a digital PDF to approve.

Step Five: Once we’ve received approval of the digital proof we will then send you a physical hard copy proof. This will be your artwork template printed out (this is not an assembled/filled personalised advent calendar) so you can double check your artwork and physically see our high-quality print in action. You can choose to skip this step if you wish but we highly recommended it.

Step Six: You approve the hardcopy print by email or though Nibble and we will start our lead time countdown from here and we will confirm a dispatch date.

Step Seven: We print, make and ship your bespoke advent calendar order.